Hahn, et al. v. Hanil Development, Inc., et al.

Overview of The Settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit now pending in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, entitled Harry Hahn, et al., v. Hanil Development, Inc., et al., Case No. BC468669 (“Lawsuit”).

Harry Hahn and James Hong, on behalf of themselves and all other similar situated (collectively “Plaintiffs”), filed this Lawsuit against Hanil Development, Inc., (“HDI”) and Aroma Spa & Sports, LLC (“Aroma”) alleging that that Defendants sold lifetime and ten (10) year memberships to Aroma Spa Resort in violation of the California Health Studio Services Act and Unfair Business Practices Act. HDI and Aroma are collectively referred to as “Defendants.” Defendants deny the factual allegations and legal claims asserted against them in the Lawsuit and contend that the claims asserted are not meritorious and that they are not in any way liable for any damages claimed in the Lawsuit. The Lawsuit was certified as a class action.

If you received a Notice, the Parties have determined that you may be a Class Member in this matter. The Notice explains the nature of the Lawsuit and the terms of the settlement (“Settlement”) and informs you of your legal rights and obligations. Below are important dates by which you may take certain actions:

• June 10, 2015: Last day for parties to file motion for attorneys’ fees and costs.
• July 10, 2015: Last day to object to the Settlement.
• July 31, 2015: Last day for parties to file motion for final approval of the Settlement.
• October 2, 2015, 8:30 a.m.:
Fairness Hearing. UPDATE: Settlement Approved on October 2, 2015